Doctors Gave Me Her Results, But God Showed Me Otherwise

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Photography By: Felecia Causey

My daughter Ma'Kailyn was born with a heart defect called pulmonary artestia. She also has a hole in her heart called VSD- ventricular septal defect, that cannot be closed.  After she was born, she had to stay in the hospital for eighty-eight days, and I was there right by her side the entire time.  I was worried about my baby, and I even questioned myself as to why, she has to go through so much. The Lord above, answered my prayers, and she came through.

When she left the hospital, she was doing great, and when she had her first doctor visit, everything came back normal.

On January 15, 2018, she got really sick. She had to be airlifted to a hospital in Birmingham, AL.  The hole that was keeping her alive, was beginning to close up on her, and she went into cardiac arrest for sixty-two minutes.  It was the worse minutes of my life.  I begin to ask myself again, why do my sweet baby have to endure so much at such a young age.  I was relieved when the doctors came to me , and said that her heart was beating again, but she wasn't out the woods yet.  Due to her going without oxygen to the brain for so long, she suffered a stroke at eight months old.

She had to stay in the hospital for four months to recover and  receive physical therapy.  It was emotionally, physically, and mentally draining seeing her in that state.

She is suffering from cerebral palsy, which she doesn't have any strength in her upper body and arms. As her mother, I am doing whatever it takes to help, without any medications.  If you were to see her, you wouldn't even know, that she has been through so much.

As Ma'Kailyn turns two years old, we continue to go through physical therapy, and my goal is to watch her as she grows healthier and stronger.

It has not been an easy journey as we stay away from home for weeks, and sometimes months at a time. I would become depressed, but I wouldn't allow anyone to know what was going on with me.   I try my best to be strong, just like she is to me.  Ma'Kailyn is a strong sailor, because when the doctor gave me her results, God said otherwise.

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