He Was My Life's Purpose

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Photography By: Felecia Causey
I gave birth to my beautiful son David Jermaine Hall in December 2015. When I had him I went through postpartum depression. I was 18 years old and transitioning into a mother while becoming a young adult, but it was all worth it. The bond we had and the joy he gave me, warmed my heart in a way that no one else could.

I would’ve never imagined losing him, in such a tragic way, and it just baffles my mind. I spent everyday with him, and his favorite thing to do was watch Paw Patrol. We were inseparable. October 29,2018, the day I lost him, I felt like I had lost my heart . He was my only child and my life's purpose. He changed my life tremendously. The last 3 years of my life was all about DJ (his nickname). I honestly don't even know how to live without him. It feels as if I have to find myself again, find something that makes me happy. I know all my joy was in him, so I have to find my strength, because all the muscle I had in me was for him. It hurts to do something as simple as get out the bed in the morning, but I do have faith that one day I’ll gain understanding of this tragedy.

If I could tell him anything I would tell him that "I’m sorry that I couldn’t protect him. I'm sorry that there was nothing mommy could do this time because God needed you back home with Him. You were my angel in disguise, and I will love you forever. I know forever is a long time, but that’s how long I’ll love you. UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN PRINCE DAVID"

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