My Daughter Taught Me to Not Let Obstacles Stand in My Way of Living Life to the Fullest

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

 Divine Shytrinese Moore was born, March 28, 2000. She was a healthy 7lbs little baby with the cutest smile. She had good checkups and the doctor never detected any delays or illnesses. 

At around 2 years old Divine began to swell. Her eyes would get so swollen she could barely see out of them. Divine's, whole body was swollen like the Pillsbury dough boy. I would rush her to the emergency room on base (we were military) and the doctors were trying to figure out what could she possibly be allergic to that would cause so much swelling. I was a nervous wreck!  I worried that whatever she was allergic to could kill her. After a couple of days it would go down, but it came with a lot of going to the bathroom (urinating) and because she was so big it was tough to potty train her, so she had to continue to wear pullups.

 So finally one day she was swollen again, and as usual I rushed her to the doctor. This particular day we got a different doctor (thank God )! He ran some tests and told us we had to take her immediately to the nearest hospital because the swelling was a sign that her kidneys were not working properly. We rushed her to the hospital and she was poked and prodded.  I was distraught. The doctor there told us her kidneys were failing and we had to get her to a kidney specialist, immediately at a hospital that was two hours away. She had to be taken by ambulance so she could get there quicker. We finally made it to the hospital and she was tested by a whole crew of specialists.  She was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. It is a disease where the kidneys does not do their job of issuing the body with the protein that are needed so it goes into the urine. She would retain fluid and make her become swollen. There is no cure, but the disease can be contained with medications like Prednisone (a strong steroid that causes increase in appetite and weight gain). She was also given a medication which is given to cancer patients, which sometimes causes severe hair loss. She was in and out of the hospital for years, as doctors were trying to figure out the  best medications and diet to keep her illness at bay.  By her going through this life changing diagnosis, and taking medications it caused mental retardation.

She was diagnosed with this in probably around the first grade. She barely she had to take speech therapy. She reads, but unfortunately on a third grade level, but she is very smart. She memorizes a lot of things and learns in her own unique way. Today, Divine is a beautiful 18 year old who loves hair, makeup, and fashion. She has returned back to her high school for another year to get her prepared to join the workforce. As a Mom, I'm afraid for her to go out into this dangerous world we live in today. Yes, we are very protective of her. She wants to live on her own and I pray one day, she will. We have been given the discussion that her kidneys may fail, but also that many have lived long lives with this diagnosis. Our faith is strong and so is she. She has a heart of gold and all her teachers, family and friends love her deeply. Of all the things Divine has taught me the most important lesson I've learned is to never let any obstacle stand in your way of living your life to the fullest.

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