Rising Above All Obstacles With Brachial Plexus

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Photography by Felecia Causey

My name is Kquoneicya Davis, but everyone calls me Osha. I gave birth to a four year old beautiful little girl, that we named Kaitlyn. When she was born she weighed 9lbs and 4oz. When Kaitlyn was born she was not breathing, and they had to perform CPR on her for about 15 minutes, until she started breathing again. She had to be on a ventilator to help her breathe. We found out that her sugar was to high and her blood pressure was to low. Kaitlyn's father and I could only pray because we thought that we were about to lose our little girl. She had to be transported to another hospital and be placed in NICU. We had to wait three days, to be inform that she was not able to use her right arm. When she was 3 months old that’s when the doctors diagnosed her with brachial plexus. She had to have her first surgery when she was nine months old. The operation took almost nine hours, which was to have her nerves reconstructed. The operation gave her feelings from the shoulder to the elbow. She don't have any feelings from the elbow down to her hand. She also still can't fully bend her elbow out. We have traveled to Birmingham, Atlanta, and Kentucky in hopes of trying to get answers, so we can try to get help to correct her arm and hand. She started school when she was three years of age and that’s when she learned how to write with her left hand. She have been going to therapy since she was about a month old. It has been a struggle but we just put God first and keep going. She have improved on her hand writing since she first started school. She is a bright and intelligent little girl that love to help people in anyway that she can.

The teachers she have this year has a lot to say about how far she have come along, since she been in their class. She is very independent , although she still needs help dressing herself and tying her shoes. She also sometimes need help wiping herself after using the restroom. When people sometimes ask her or me what happened, she will get depressed and say things like I wish the doctors wouldn't have messed my arm up. Although she is faced with some challenges, she is a very energetic little girl.

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