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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Photography By: Felecia Causey

Hi, I’m Courtney and this is my 11 year old daughter A’Livia who’s the owner of “Witty Kid Slime and Entertainment LLC”. Yes, at 11 years old she has her own business. She’s such a strong willed child and work hard on everything she take part in. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me so let me tell you all more about this brilliant kid of ours.

I know I’ve always wanted to be a mom and never thought I’ll have so many years of trying and it never happened. I would have this emptiness that only a baby of my own could fill. So I thought!”

I can remember the day I got the call asking if I wanted to adopt a baby girl. I didn’t have to think twice because I wanted so badly to be a mom and I know if this opportunity came, it had to be of God. I was finally about to have a little person to call me mom and I was so ready for it.

She was born in Killeen Texas on September 7, 2007, and that was the day my life changed forever.

The day A’Livia was born, was the happiest day of my life. I helped the doctor delivered her and it’s the moment I knew this was not a dream but I now have this little person whom I had prepared so much for back home in Alabama. I finally have my baby girl that I always wanted and I knew from that moment forward that I will be the best me I can be for her. Our bond is the coolest but she knows I am mom. I love this girl.

A’Livia father Joe and I met when she was 2 years old and he has been the best father I could have ever asked for. She’s definitely a daddy's girl and I’m okay with that. I love the bond they have with each other.

So, don’t let anyone tell you that adoption is something negative because even though she know she’s adopted, I never allowed that to be something she let held her back but to know she’s blessed to have so much more love than the average child. Adoption is beautiful and our family is proof of that. We love our baby and will always protect her and guide her the best we can.

I always knew A’Livia would be a child of much greatness. I always made sure that whatever she needed, I was there to support her. She always been a straight ‘A’ student and was awarded this school year as the smartest child in her school with the highest GPA. Look out 6th Grade, here she comes! As her parents, you can imagine how proud we are of her. A’Livia love to dance, sing, and make music videos. She will make a video anywhere!! She’s a child of many talents and have participated in many sports but dancing was her favorite.

I noticed her love for Slime about 2 years ago when she would ask me to order glue and other items to make the slime and she would sell it at school to the other kids. She would come home with a lot of dollars on Fridays and I was amazed at how she was working her Slime business at 9 yrs old at the time. I didn’t think about investing in it because honestly, I was thinking this was just another trend kids was in and it would be something else catching her attention next but it wasn’t a trend, A’Livia loved this stuff.

February 2019, I asked A’Livia did she want to make a business out of Slime and her response was “OK”. We grabbed a notebook and a pen and began to write out our plan. We went back and forth with a name until I googled the name WITTY and it meant humorous, funny, comical,and amusing so I knew this was it because all of that describes A’Livia. I gave her the name and she loved it. We started her business with $47 in my account at the time. I went online and ordered glue, containers, and activator for the Slime. My sister and cousin came together and created her fantastic logo design and it’s super catchy which matches her personality. Once we had our plan, it was time to get our name patent and a loyal supportive family member helped us to know everything we need to get this done. I’m so grateful for our village of supporters. Once the name was patent, our excitement was through the root. It was time to really get to work. A’Livia began making slime while I cut the labels one by one, by hand, for each container. We had our vision so we had to start somewhere and work hard at it.

We introduced WITTY KID SLIME AND ENTERTAINMENT LLC to social media on April 30th 2019 and today we’re happy to say we’ve mailed packages to other states like Tennessee & Georgia. The support from our local supporters has really been amazing as well and its only going to get better from here. So many strangers have reached out and done so much for her because they love the fact that she is a child and is so driven. We want to break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck and create generational wealth for our child. Witty Kid Slime And Entertainment LLC was developed in Alabama but it will be know nationwide.

Please check out our social media sites below!! We’re working on our website now and once it’s completed, we will share it to our social media sites. Thanks

YouTube (Witty Kid Slime And Entertainment)
Instagram (witty_kid_entertainment)
Facebook (Witty Kid’s Slime And Entertainment)

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