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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Hello, I am Mervin Palmer, the licensed owner of Merv’s Cocktail Bar, LLC. I am 27 years old and a full time bartender and business owner. I operate my mobile bar service in the Birmingham, AL metropolitan area. I am blessed to have a wide-ranging customer base, because I was born in Florida and grew up in Prattville, AL. I serve Grey Goose infused fruit punches and Jose Cuervo infused lemonades. My vision is to open my bar and provide a comforting atmosphere for anyone in all walks of life. I also provide bartending services for events, as well as cater. My products currently include my cocktails, Jose Cuervo infused cupcakes and my seasonal frozen drinks.

 My motivation is the passion I have for mixology and making people feel good with each ‘treat’ I offer. My business is not a job or a career, it’s my life and what brings me true joy. I am so thankful for every opportunity God has presented and will present to me. Special thanks to Felecia Causey for allowing me to be apart of this amazing moment and to everyone that patronizes, supports, shares my posts and sends kind words. I can be reached by telephone at (205) 863-7924, on Facebook via my personal page: Mervin Palmer or my business page: Merv’s Cocktail Bar, or on Instagram: @mervscocktailbar for more details and photos. Lastly, Remember: If MERV Ain’t In The MIX, It Just Ain’t RIGHT!

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