Lupus Awareness: The Struggles and Fight Against Lupus

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Written By: Felecia Causey
Photos By: Felecia Causey

Lupus is a very mysterious disease. It is more commonly found in Africa American women. Although it affects everyone differently, this monster can be very aggressive. As we know it has entered in many lives at different ages. These fighters are mothers, daughters, wives, friends, and sisters, that continues to fight back with everything they have for their love ones.

What does a person with Lupus look like? Sometimes a person with this disease goes years after numerous of tests and doctor visits trying to figure out what's wrong with them. They often never show any physical effects of the disease. We may never see the sleepless nights, the many seizures, all the medications, the doctors, and the pain that they have to endure during this battle.  

People with Lupus may not have the same battles, but they all are faced to wrestle this beast.  Many who have the disease may not show any outer appearances that they have it, but some carry scars, pigmentation changes, and blotches. Several  fighters choose to hide their pain behind a smile, to keep going on.

The will and the continuous battles to fight when they may have unbearable days, but for the love of a child, husband, or a love one, will keep them looking forward to fight another day.

If you know someone with the disease, be a part of their support system. They will endure changes, in which they may not feel like being bothered, some days, but being there when they do is the mark of a real friend and loving family. There will be better days then others, and there will be times when he/she may feel like their life is upside down, so give them endless patience and love. 

These women are strong even when their bodies feels differently. As these ladies wear purple to give awareness to this disease, they pulled together as one to stand against this warfare.

Please be sure to visit my blog to read a few of these women personal stories. 

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