Lupus Fighter: Featuring Shannon, Dealing With the Emotions

Monday, June 17, 2019

Photography By: Felecia Causey

Hi I am Shannon, and my journey with Lupus started in 1998, when I was pregnant with my daughter.  My daughter's father noticed I had a bald spot in my head, so I had a biopsy done.  It came back as discoid lupus, so  I started injections and cream, but none of that worked.

My hair loss progressed and got worse.  My follicles eventually died leaving me completely bald. I'm dealing not only with discoid lupus, but SLE and subacute as well. I'm currently on steroids, plaquenil, myfortic, chemo infusions, naproxen, and a ton of other medicines.

Since being officially diagnosed in 2016, I've gained 55lbs, lost some of my confidence, and it can get so depressing at time. I'm coping, but its sincerely hard. I don’t date,  because I don’t want anyone to see my scalp or skin the way it is. Who wants to deal with a person, with all the problems lupus comes with? I currently wear wigs to hide my hideous scalp, its honestly awful. I started a nonprofit in 2018 to spread lupus awareness called LIVE 365 (Lupus Immunity Victory Everyday). The plan is to do a walk for Lupus twice a year (October and May).  You can follow LIVE365 on FB or IG @ livinlupus365. 

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