Restaurant Highlight: Honestly Smooth Smoothie

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Written By: Felecia Causey
Photos provided by: Honestly Smooth Smoothie Co.

I had the opportunity to experience Honestly Smooth Smoothie located in Opelika, Alabama. As I entered the door I was greeted by a very nice young gentleman behind the counter. The amazing welcoming was a great start to trying this restaurant.

I had the chance to chat with the owners Quinton and Jacob, and  I was curious and wanted to know from the guys behind this new place, what made them different than any other smoothie shop. The guys explained how they serve food that gives people options. What stood out the most to me during this conversation was they always serve their items fresh, and they also have their own signature sauces.

As many mothers as myself, with a busy schedule from after summer activities or sports with your kids  or even after a long day of work, finding a restaurant that can cater to both the parents and children is a PLUS in my book.  Although, the ideal of trying to feed the kids healthy foods plays a big part, finding something that lean towards both health and delicious can be a weight off a mother's shoulder.

I am going to be honest, going in to try something new, I was nervous. I wasn't a big fan of smoothies, but I was open and ready to try something different.  Jacob asked me my favorite fruits and he created me a smoothie that was absolutely refreshing and tasty. When it came to, what I wanted to eat, Quinton fixed me one of their wraps with fresh crispy lettuce, meat,  bacon, and one of their signature sauces. It was very light, and it's something that I would grab after a hot a day of taking photos or sitting outside during my daughter's track meet or my son's soccer game.

When going into a new restaurant, selecting what to get off the menu can become nerve wrecking, especially when you have a very picky child. If you visit restaurants such as Honestly Smooth Smoothie Inc., giving them an idea of what you or child, have a taste for or what are you favorite things to eat, they can give the perfect suggestions for you and your little ones.

Summer is here, and if you are in the Auburn/Opelika area and you are looking for a place for your family, a girls' lunch, or a business luncheon, add them to your list of choices. They are now serving breakfast and have recently opened their drive-thru.

They are available for catering, so if you are searching for the perfect food to feed your guests for a bridal shower, baby shower, or even a family gathering, be sure to check out their selections.

 You can find them on social media:
Facebook: Honestly Smooth Smoothie Inc
Instagram @honestlysmooth

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