Autism: God Give Children With Super Powers to Moms Who Are Superheros

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Written By: Erica Marie Davis
Photography By Felecia Causey

Where do I begin? Everyday is a new day and I never know what to except with my sweet girl! In the last three years, I've had many sleepless nights. 

The day I found out I was pregnant was the biggest shock to my doctor and I! We both started crying, he knew my medical history and all the surgeries and health complications I had gone through. I was told by several doctors, that I would never get pregnant.  

I can honestly say, I had a perfect pregnancy but there were three times during the nine months I had some scares. Sarah was born four days late and was the perfect little baby. She met all her milestones on time, it wasn't until she was around four when something seemed different with her. 

Her teacher at the time told us that she noticed that Sarah had little or no interaction with her peers, she always lined everything up in a specific order, and she could count to one hundred. At first I didn't see anything wrong because she is an only child and she's used to playing by herself, she likes things to be nice and in order, and she can count to one hundred because I taught her. I told her teacher I would take her advice and have her tested in Pre-K. When she started that fall, we had her vision, hearing, and any test that could be given to see if she was on the spectrum was done. It was determined that she's high functioning, but she lacks social skills with her peers. This meant, she would rather play alone and can't hold a back and forth conversation with her peers. She also does well when her day is on a set schedule. 

I've always blamed myself and I keep trying to figure out what I did wrong? The doctors, my family, and her teachers continue to tell me that I did nothing wrong. One of her teachers has told me that God gives the children with super powers to moms who are superheros! I've learned a lot about patience and keeping a scheduled routine for both of us. This just makes life easier for everyone. 

Sarah has gotten through Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st grade and has excelled in so many areas academically, but the social skills are still a big problem. My main goal is to teach her to be more independent. I want her to understand that mommy may not always be around. As we continue to work on those things, I can definitely see that she will have a bright future.  

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  1. Awww This was my shadow my baby when she was in daycare she is a very sweet talented girl.


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