Yes, Mama Need A Vacation

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Written By:Felecia Causey
Model Mom: Dandria Mclean

As a full time stay at home mother, and I am not apologizing for saying it's a 24/7 job. I always try to put the kids and house first.  I try to stay organized , be cheerful, and stay on top of every single detail.

I was starting to feel guilty because I am constantly finding myself needing a moment to myself. I think many moms can agree, that they need to know who they are beyond the mother.

With kids 12 and 14 years old, I have only been away from them, ONCE overnight. I'm not complaining, because it wasn't that I couldn't,  I chose to share every moment with them. Besides "me" time was something I rarely have because of my mommy-to-do list. I've felt guilty and was worried about the backlash for wanting or needing to do so. I began to ask myself should I start taking a little time off to recharge myself.

As I plan for my upcoming getaways I have begin to feel nervous, but I've decided to put myself first. Although with my first upcoming experience I pray I don't back out because of having maternal separation anxiety. My kids and their routine are all what my everyday mostly consist.

I'm excited and nervous. I know it will be beneficial in giving me time to improve  me and release build up stress. I need a few days, out of the year to wake up without my routine. I would love to sleep in and not worry about cooking breakfast, but have it served to me. And on those days, I don't want to think about laundry or what to cook for dinner. I would love to sit in bed to watch TV all day or read a good book.

We shouldn't feel guilty to want a breather, occasionally.

I am sure many will have an opinion that I am being selfish and that I want to abandon my children. Some of the naysayers will say it's my job, and I don't need a reward for what is my responsibility. My kids mean more to me than, I could write, and because my kids are at an age to realize all that I do for them, they always tell me I should take a vacation. What I do for them, is because my role as a mother, means a lot to me. Yes, there have been days where I have cried and I felt overwhelmed with making sure they had everything they needed or when I didn't get any sleep because I chose to stay awake while they were sick. As many mothers as myself that always have their kids attached to them all the time, I've learned that I will accept the luxury of a day or three to relax and recollect who I am.

Moms remember to always take care of yourself, so you can take care of your kids. I'm learning that as I write this blog, there isn't anything wrong with wanting to take a break. Life has its many curve balls, so take you a quick "me time" when the opportunity presents itself.

Moms email me some of your favorite vacation spots.

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