Featuring: Interview With Author A.C Tayor

Saturday, August 31, 2019

** Please share with my readers a little about yourself.
I’m a contemporary romance author from Little Rock, AR. I specialize in telling black love stories about friends that slowly realize that they’ve secretly been in love with each other all along. I’m a wife and mother of three little ones (they aren’t really little anymore…lol) that keep me running constantly, but I love it. When I’m not writing, I’m reading or sneaking off to the movies while my kids are at school. 

 **What inspired you to start writing?

As a little girl I enjoyed reading, so that has definitely been my biggest inspiration. I loved seeing what I could create on my own after reading a good book.

 **How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing since I was a little girl, but I published my first book in 2015.

**What in your opinion was the hardest part of writing each book?

Settling down on a specific story. I always have tons of ideas circling around in my head. Characters are always fighting for their chance in the spotlight. Lol! 

 **What was the easiest?
The dialogue between my characters. Once I finally decide on the story I’m going with, the characters usually take over the entire conversation. I lose all control until it’s time for me to edit. 

 **Does a bad review affect your writing?
I would love to say that it doesn’t, but then I would be lying. Very seldom do I allow a bad review to get to me enough to change the way that I write, but every now and then I might agree with something that was mentioned. If it’s not a review where someone is just being nasty, then I’m able to take the constructive criticism and see what I can do better in the future.   
**Were people supportive during the writing of your books?

Yes. I’ve always had the support of my family and friends, which makes a big difference. I’m truly grateful for that.

**How can your books be purchased?

All of my books can be purchased on Amazon or you can go to my website, which is www.ac-taylor.com 

** Do you have any new books coming out?

This year I released Worth the Risk and Worth the Wait, which are books one and two in the Hightown Series. I’m currently working on the third book, which I don’t have a title for yet, but it’s coming. Lol! This has definitely been my favorite series to write and judging from the amazing responses I’ve received, my readers love it too. 

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