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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Photographers: Christian and Felicity Murphy

I had the opportunity to interview Lenise with Flyfitlenise. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @flyfitlenise. She will soon be offering  

Me: Tell a little about yourself (Please include where you teach)

 Lenise: I'm a  certified Pilates instructor, Aerial Yoga instructor, dancer and Personal trainer. I teach nationwide and predominately in the Greater Los Angeles area. 

Me:  How did you start Pilates aerial fitness/yoga? 
Lenise: I have always wanted to run away with the circus. I took a aerial class and couldn't lift my own body weight. I researched what exercise I could do to make me stronger and Pilates kept popping up. Directly after my first class, I walked up to the instructor and told her I want to be a TEACHER! The rest is history.

Me: What was your inspiration in starting? 
Lenise: My inspiration comes from wanting to help people achieve their goals and live a healthier lifestyle. 

Me: Do you a have a mission statement or quote?
Lenise: I don't have a statement just yet. My clients and class participants know me for calling every exercise easy. I say "This is Easy!"

Me: What do you feel you are  able to offer to clients and potential clients that is unique and valuable?
Lenise: I offer a one of kind workout that not only translates through your body, but your life as well. I'm all about empowering people and exposing them to greater heights. Its something about getting on the hammock that makes you feel self confidence and joy!

Me: What sparked your interest for Pilates and yoga?
Lenise: My interest in Pilates came from me wanting to run away with the circus! I took an aerial arts class and couldn't lift my own body weight. I researched exercises to do to condition me to be a great performer and Pilates kept popping up. I took one Pilates class and was sold on becoming a teacher! I felt that everyone should experience how great this feels.

Me: What is most satisfying about what you do? 
Lenise: The biggest satisfaction I get is when I see people accomplishing their goals and going above and beyond with their expectations. I also feel a great feeling of accomplishment when I do a new pose or exercise that I have never done before.

Me: What have this journey of helping others given you? 
Lenise: It makes me happy and gives me purpose. I always ask God to use me in the direction he would like me to serve him. 

Me: What are some of the benefits of Pilates and yoga? 
Lenise: Pilates and Aerial Yoga/Fitness is great for increasing flexibility, strength, blood circulation, core control, and a lot more. Its all low impact with options to add more dynamic movement.

Me: What is your favorite part about being a teacher? 
Lenise: My favorite part of being a teacher and motivating my clients in customized ways. I get to add personality touches to each person and every goal is always different. 

Me: How can locals find your class or contact you for classes or private lessons? 
Lenise: I will be having an online class platform in the few months. You can follow me on all social medias under Fly Fit Lenise and even my website www.flyfitlenise.com

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