Grandparents Love Your Grandkids Equally

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Written By: Felecia Causey
Photography By: Felecia Causey
Models: Elanda Sankey-Patterson Grandkids: Kaden and Kailee

Most soon to be grandparents are very excited to welcome the new addition into their family. I mean really, who doesn't like sweet babies?  They usually spend a ton of money trying to help the parents prepare for his or her arrival.  The strict parents some of us once knew have turned soft, and the grandkids have them wrapped around their fingers. Unfortunately, all children don't receive this love that is so special to many.

I am not sure how someone can mistreat a child that has the same blood as them. There are many reasons such as not liking one of the parents, the color of their skin, and many other ridiculous whys. 

 An innocent child should not be involved in adults conflicts. There shouldn't be any grandparent that wants to mistreat or disregard a child, that will one day realize that he or she didn't want to be a part of their life. The child or children, shouldn't look a certain way for them to be accepted into your family.  Kids don't ask to be here, and they don't choose who their parents are, so your emotional feelings towards them, will one day affect the relationship you could of had.  Although they may find it in their heart to forgive you, there will still be a void that you have created.

Gifts and money can be great, but the bond and memories that you create will be priceless to them. One day when your grandchildren becomes grandparents, (if it's the Lord's will), do you want them to share happy memories or sad and disgusting memories of you? There is no rewind button in life that we all wish we had. Keeping a good relationship with them will not only give you so much joy, but also give the kid(s) an awesome childhood.

Wounds that you may create in their heart are sometime hard to heal.  You may not see your ways as destroying your grandchild mentally, but you are! You may not be aware that the hurt and anger that you had a part in creating will one have some of them being bitter and angry adults.  

If you are not fortunate to see your grandkids everyday, there are many kinds of technologies that you can use to still keep some kind of communication with them.  Did you know kids are a lot more observant than think? If a child is feeling mistreated, ignored, or treated differently, I know for a fact they will pick up on it.  Most parents choose not to speak negatively on grandmothers who choose not to  have a relationship with their child/children, because they to have dealt with the same things with a grandparent.

The next time you see them, give more attention, set up a photo session, or read them a book. Most times kids are grateful for the small things. You don't want to hurt a relationship that was never given a chance. Be wise, love hard, and make wonderful memories, that will one day be shared. 


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