I Know My Baby is Cute, But Hands and Lips Off

Monday, October 14, 2019

 Written By: Felecia Causey
Photography By: Felecia Causey
Models:  Victoria Morgan and son
Zylandria D. Smith and daughter

Babies are so cute, and it can become tempting for people to want to interact with them.  Although, many people may see that there is nothing wrong with it, but many parents are very offended and get upset when you do not ask permission to put your hands on their child. It becomes very hard for them to find a nice way to say," don't touch my baby or don't put your lips on them". 

You would think something as little as keeping your hands off people's kids, without permission, would be an easy thing, but we live a world where people assume, they can do what they want. It's very ridiculous that a parent have to be vocal to both family members and strangers of what is not allowed.  I have two teenage kids now, but I  remember as babies, their father was very protective, and was not afraid at allowing people to know what was not accepted when it came to them.

I am sure many people, may not view this as a problem, and they are entitled to their opinion and choice for his or her child/children. However, a parent that is totally against "just anyone" or people that are sick, have the choice to not allow people to touch their baby. As a mother, I don't blame them, with so many horror stories of babies dying from just a simple kiss, should make any parent jump into protective mode. As a person that is just very disappointed at adults not knowing their boundaries, many are just inconsiderate and disrespectful.

 I believe people should be respectful in people's choices and decisions that they make for their child/children. If a mom or dad ask you not to do something regarding their child,  you shouldn't get angry. As a parent, being protective is a natural instinct, so even if you don't agree with their rules, just respect it.

 As most of us as parents realize many folks don't know when they are out of line, and must be told.

There will be people that will become angry because a mother or father scald them for not respecting their parenting, but they need to put themselves in his/her shoes and remember they must stand up for their child. If they don't,  who will?

   Most mothers put their child's/children's priorities and safety before theirs, respect their choice,even if you don't agree with it.

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