Love Hard and Forgive Fast

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Written By: Felecia Causey
Photography By: Felecia Causey
Models Are Sisters: Shantasia Lewis and Yvette Brooks

Families are being destroyed all the time. It's so much pain and hurt that goes on ,but the disagreements and misunderstandings are never discussed.  This causes grudges to be held for years. Most times when there is a wedge between family members, there is also separation and no communication.  What causes so much rivalry amongst siblings, cousins, aunts, grandparents,  and parents? 

Family members can be in such competition with each other because of a generational thing. Many will become so distracted on what the other have that it consumes their love for one another. 

Siblings sometimes fall out because of just a small thing, and then show up at events and not even speak.  They will allow a childish and selfish thing to take away the enjoyment of family time.

People shun themselves from their family, because of feeling like the black sheep. Why show up at any reunion or family's get together and feel so out of place? If a person in the family decides to raise their child differently or make better decisions for their life, they are instantly treated like an outsider. 

Is blood thicker that water? As time passes, and family members dies , so much can become lost. Love that sister you don't understand more. Don't be so quick to allow something so small to keep you away from being the best family member you can. Is a small bad encounter worth losing the time you can't get back from a love one?

Most times pride get in the way of someone just saying that they are sorry and I love you.  Don't allow the cloud of jealousy or hatred to take you away from having a close relationship with your mother, siblings, or any other family member. 

Vengeance is one of the worst things to have in your heart, towards anyone. I myself have experienced many times where people "family" can be so malicious. I am not going sit and say that sometimes many toxic relationships will need to be let go, but if there is any chance of rebuilding and moving on, do it. 

Grudges and being angry take up so much energy. You may have to deal with them accordingly.  What do I mean? You can be around your hateful aunt, your negative brother, or jealous sister, but just know how to deal with them.  I am not saying loving people that stress you out and belittle you will be easy.

Life is a journey, that we all must travel down. Love as hard as you can and forgive as soon as you can.

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