Featuring an Interview With Stephanie of StepStitches

Friday, November 15, 2019

 Photographer: Nikia Paden of Iridescent

Ms. Stephanie, please share with my readers a little about yourself.

I’m a Georgia native, wife, and mom to 2 college students. I am a Sunday School teacher. I taught elementary school for 16 years and I am a licensed social worker. And I love to sew!  

**Please tell about your business StepStitches.

Cinnamon Annie Dolls by StepStitches is a vintage style doll with a modern twist. Cinnamon Annie is a Raggedy Ann style doll updated for today’s generation. I also wrote a children’s book about her and make a limited-edition Cinnamon Annie Doll Ornament, which only available during the holiday season. StepStitches is ran completely out of my home where I make each doll.

**How did you start this amazing talent?

Doll making grew out of my sewing hobby/obsession. I started sewing Raggedy Ann style dolls for my own personal enjoyment in 2016.  I named them Cinnamon Annie. I loved my dolls, but I couldn’t imagine that anyone else would be interested in such a vintage style doll. Just for fun I shared some of my dolls on Instagram and Facebook. I was so surprised when my friends and followers started asking to purchase their own Cinnamon Annie Dolls. But I was so excited to have an excuse to make more dolls. As of now, I have made and sold over 400 dolls online and in person. 

** I absolutely love your dolls. What do you want each customer to feel once they have opened their package?

I want each customer to feel delight as they open the package. Their smiling faces make me so happy and I hope customers feel the same way. I want customers to also feel happy about the level of customer service I provide and the quality craftsmanship of my products.

** Are the dolls all different?

Each doll is handmade by me. They are available in 3 different skin tones and 3 sizes. You have the option to personalize the doll’s dress with the recipient’s name. I have a variety of dresses available and I am open to custom order dolls.

** What inspires you with each doll?

I am inspired by the responses I receive; the letters and emails of happy customers keep me going. Customers have let me know that the dolls are well loved by the recipients. I am also inspired because of my love of the craft of sewing.

** I think these beautiful creations would make amazing gifts. How may they be purchased?

Cinnamon Annie Dolls can be purchased through my website www.stepstitches.com. Or you can contact me at stepstitches@gmail.com

** The holidays will be here soon, how early do customers need to put in their orders?

I usually close out holiday orders the first week of December so that I am able to get each order out on time.

** Please share social and Etsy information.

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