Don't Talk Trash To People's Kids During A Game

Friday, January 10, 2020

Written By: Felecia Causey
Models: Mom: E'licia Allen
Daughter: Jelicia Anderson

As any parent being protective over your child/children is one of your top objective.  There are so many adults that sometimes forget at games that these are kids, on the court or field.  It's very annoying to hear an adult on the sideline constantly hackling there own child, but it's really a disgrace when you harass and shout negative things to someone else's child.  It's a line as an adult with common courtesy that should not be crossed.

If the child is a cheerleader, basketball player, or football player, that may not perform up to your standards, but you should never get so out of control that it's becoming disrespectful.  Although many who portray this behavior, may not see any harm in doing this , but it's very disgusting.  Sports are suppose to be fun and a family oriented experience, not a riot from adults that suppose to be a role model. Regardless, if he or she cheers for the same squad and play on the same team, there is absolutely no reason you should be meddling any kid and show them that you have no restraint.

I know sometimes games and competitions can sometimes become intense, but it should never allow any grown person to have childish immature tendencies at any kids' event. What are you teaching them? What are you teaching your child? I am sure the behavior embarrass both your kid and the family members around you.

We live in a world where kids deal with the constant regular school drama, and then to deal with the torment of an overbearing maniac that is just out of control running his or her mouth, should not even be a part of something they love to do. The sport that they are a part of maybe the only time to get away from life's trouble or even at home disappointments, so they don't want or need the pressure of dealing with a sideline bully.

Most parents try their best to attend every game or event to support them.  It doesn't matter if the child is in the band or a cheerleader, that's their child. Any respectful, understanding, or sensible person, will know that you don't mess with other people's kids.

As my kids has witness parents and spectators doing this to both themselves or  fellow teammates, is really upsetting. There should never have to be any parent having to tell another adult, they need to mind their mouth. 

Kids observe everything, even at a young age. Respect must be something giving.  Keep your derogatory "two cents" to yourself. Although most sports bring many families together, but there are simpleminded people that just takes it too far.  Kids make mistakes, they fall short, and will sometime have off games, that's because they are human. The next time you or someone you know, that gives a child a hard time, politely (if that works) tell them to stop. There is absolutely any reason a person should be talking garbage to any child.

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