You May See Imperfection But I Am One of God's Masterpiece

Friday, January 24, 2020

Written By: Felecia Causey
Photography: Felecia Causey
Model: Tonia Bibb Rivers

We live in a world where everyone have standards of what a woman should look like. People have their opinions on what makes the ideal lady. Some will think you are to tall or to short, your hair is to nappy or short, your skin is to dark, you're too fat, your breast is
 too big or not big enough.  With celebrities bodies set as the standards of what all women should look like, the fight to keep up can be out of control. The world and internet will always find some imperfection or flaw that does not make her perfect.

The imperfections and her being different is what makes her an unique individual. I think all women are beautiful. Women are judged in seconds of their value just by their appearance. Every lady may not have long model legs or celebrities' perky breasts, but we have the fight of a lion and the courage of a mother bear. 


Everyday as women watch the false advertisements of what can give us a quick fix that will help us succeed in having these Hollywood's bodies,  can seem so far fetched.  We have to learn to love the body God gave us, as we work on helping us get the body we want.

Yes, she may not have the long curly hair, but she knows that her hair doesn't define the woman she is inside. Yes her lips are full and her hips are wide, but in the eyes of some, she is a work of art. 

We are born with different shades of skin tones, which all are beautiful.  Just
 because most girls or women have seen in the world or most time in entertainment, that in order to be considered pretty your skin should be a certain color. Why fill a child's head with the foolishness, that will drag her down from being the amazing person that she is?

Watch as she strut as she walk. As she embrace the beautiful human she is.  So what she is not tall, and her skin is different than others, but she is the magnificent art of God. There are many artists but none as amazing as the one who made us.

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