My Goal Is To Mold Her Into A Better Me

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Written By: Felecia Causey
Photography By: Felecia Causey
Models: Aliquandra with daughters Jhamiya and Jhanaiya
ShaQuirra with daughters Aliah and Alizabeth
Latosha with daughters Janae and Jayla
Jessica with daughters Lauren and London
Being a mother is such a humbling experience. It will make you appreciate your mom.  You will realize all the sacrifices, the rules, and decisions she made, was because she felt it was the best choice for both you and her.  As a young child you don’t understand why she gave the lectures, told you ”no '', or put you on punishment, but “now you get it”. She was trying to mold you into the fighter, and the amazing individual that you are today. You are in a fight against this influential world to help her be better than you.

We have all made mistakes, have a past, and have plenty of regrets, but as you have matured, as your role as a mother, has made you make many changes. The beauty of a mother’s love is indescribable.  You could try to express the way you feel, but the depth of your love will never be able to put in writing. Your actions of doing what is best for your daughter(s) instead of giving her everything she wants is not just to help her make better choices than you have done, but to not make the same mistakes.

What mother doesn’t want the best for the girls who look up to her, and who thinks you are everything?  She even thinks this on days, when you feel like you are not doing enough. There will be times, as a woman and mother that people will have us feeling inadequate because of how we choose to raise our children. There is one fact, there is no question of your love.

There will be times when we will have to give her the ugly truth of life or tell her no to something that means a lot to her, but it’s not a good life decision. They will call us unfair, she will sometimes not want to talk, and she may say she hates you, but not knowing that you are trying to be the best mother, you can be. It all seems so familiar, the things we once despised our mother for, we have to use the same tactics for our daughters.  Yet the woman that we thought was causing our life to seem miserable, was actually trying to shape us into, the phenomenal lady you are.

The innocence in your daughters eyes, will always play in your head, and even make you want to question your mothering. You try not to be selfish, to not be overprotective , and overbearing, but in a world full of so much danger and evilness, it’s better safe than sorry.  The inner “mama bear”  is always ready to do what needs to be done. 

One day she will notice everything you do, was to help her be better than you.  There will be times you will not be willing to negotiate things, she will want to do. It will not be because you don’t want her to enjoy life, but you want to give the opportunities that you didn’t have to her.

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