What Kind of Mother-In-Law Are You?

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Written By: Felecia Causey
Photos By: Felecia Causey

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When marrying into a family, one of the most important things to most people is having a good relationship with their spouse's mother. Many are blessed to have a great connection with her, but others unfortunately have to deal with the woman from hell.  Spouses and significant others sometimes have to tolerate with overbearing, controlling, immaturity, and more while being with the love of their life.  A person can choose a spouse, but not the mother-in-law.

(Mother-In -Law =MIL)

I've met many people who have shared their stories with me of dealing with the horrors of a MIL, while trying to keep peace within the family. A lot of people are not fortunate to have a good mother-in-law. I was blessed to of had a loving and kind one. She didn't judge me and most times took my side against her son. I could talk about her son to her because as his mother, I knew no matter what I said, her love for him, wouldn't change. She didn't get in our business or ever made me feel unwanted. She treated my kids with love just like the rest of her grandkids. Unfortunately I can't give you a hideous story that I had to deal with.  

Husbands and wives love their spouse, but sometimes dealing with some ridiculous behaviors can become to much for anyone.

  Are you being the mother-in-law you would want someone to be to you?  Will you be the one that your child and their spouse can't stand to be around? Below I have created a list of the different MILs.

The Loving and Praying MIL

As I mentioned, many people are not blessed to have a MIL who also plays a 2nd mother to her child's spouse.  She is always praying for God's grace on the couple. The person who is just a call away, and doesn't try to do anything to hurt the couple. She doesn't intrude in the couple's relationship, but always there to give fair .

The I Know What Is Best For Your Household MIL

As being an elder she can probably give away great advice, but everything that worked for her, may not work for everyone else's household.  The MIL that think her life should be the guide for her kids' household. She think it's her way or no way.

The MIL That Shows Favoritism

I'm not sure what adult could mistreat children. The MIL that mistreats her grandkids because she doesn't like the parent. She causes tension amongst her child and their spouse. She makes family functions be uncomfortable for everyone. She doesn't hide the way she treats the kids differently. Not even aware of how it will play a role to the kid(s) one day.

The Family Breaking MIL 

She loves her child, but not a fan of their significant other. She tries to make her child's companion  fill uncomfortable, so that they don't want to come to family events.  She will even goes as far as to verbally share to her child that she want them there, but not the wife or husband.

The Jealous MIL

There is for some evil reason why, the woman that despise the life or things her child and spouse have. She is never happy for her child's accomplishments. She is always negative about every good thing the couples are blessed with.

The Meddling and Overbearing MIL

There is nothing like having privacy. The MIL that loves to start confusion in her child's household and always interested in every detail that goes on between them. She wants to be included in every part of the couples life. She wants to be the third wheel, even on romantic dates.

The Arrogant MIL

She think she is a god. She think she's right about everything. If it's not her way, she think it's not right.  She walks around the couple with "a know it all" attitude , and tries to make everyone feel that no more what decision her child and his/her spouse select.

The Control Freak MIL

She wants to control every aspect of her child's life including their wife or husband. The controlling MIL likes to use something that she can manipulate the couple with, like helping them pay bills or babysitting the kids. If she can't control the people or the things around her, she gets angry and becomes frustrated.  When she is not allowed to influence people on what she prefer them to do, she becomes hard to deal with.

The Free Loading MIL

Most kids want nothing more than to help the mother that raised them, as much as possible. Any good wife or husband would not hinder their spouse from helping their mother. The MIL who, selfishly thinks her child should put her before their spouse and child because of self- centered ways. She wants the couple to buy her everything, even if it will put them in a financial situation.  She doesn't care as long her needs are not met.

The Immature MIL

Many think at a certain age comes maturity, but unfortunately that's not the case with some adults. The MIL that doesn't act her age, and on many occasions potrays the action of a teenager when she should act as grandmother or a potential one. What she may not realize is that some of her behavior is not normal for her age.

The Intrusive MIL

I know family time is very important, and with life being short, mothers want to spend as much time with their kids and grandkids, but there are times when it can become a little to much.  The MIL that comes over to visit everyday or the one who allows the grandkids to do things that the parents asked them not to do.

Maybe I left a few off my list or didn't add what kind of MIL you are or what your in-law may think you are. Are you proud of the way you treat your child or their significant other? 

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