Keep Telling Her She Is Beautiful

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Written By: Felecia Causey Photography By: Felecia Causey Thanks to my amazing models and their parents! I recently came across a viral video, where a little girl thought she was ugly and cried. It absolutely broke my heart. As a mother to a daughter I make sure that she knows that she is beautiful and I love her everyday. We live in a world where girls are being criticize about their hair, from not just strangers, but also friends and family members.

With a world that constantly teaches women and young girls that their skin color should be a certain color or their hair must be straight, not curly, puffy, or twisted, and it may become very difficult for them to just fit in.

Why have a child feeling like their skin or hair isn't beautiful? She grows up questioning why she doesn’t have hair or skin like someone else, instead of teaching her to embrace the “uniqueness” that she has.

“Am I ugly” The heartbreaking words to hear any child say. There are so many young kids killing themselves because of being bullied, for being or looking different. As a mother, a mentor, a teacher, or any adult that is a part of a girl’s life, needs to tell them that they are amazing just the way they are.

So what her hair isn't perfectly straight, like the character on the television, teach her that her beautiful imperfections are what make her be and look great.

Let's teach our girls to love and encourage one another, and stop putting a label on who people should be or how they should look. .

Let your words, build our girls, not tear them down.  Teach them that they don’t have to accept what others think of them.  How young is too young to teach her she is enough?  There isn’t any age limit.  With suicide taking the lives of kids as young as those who attend elementary school, building up self-esteem should start way into her toddler years.

Does perfection exist? I’m sure many parents think their child/children are perfect in their eyesight.  What we must know is that, the beautiful air-fro, or the cute puff balls, you adore, someone else feels it's not so great to them.  As much as you want her to be “BEYOUTIFULLY HER” the cruel, selfish, and trolls of social media, classrooms,  and teams will have the demon of insecurity trying to affect how they see themselves.

Fitting in is something many kids have a problem with, especially when the friends they hang out with, doesn’t look like them.  She will begin to question why her hair isn’t straight.  You must be sure to tell her how her imperfections,makes her the amazing individual she already is.

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