Living With Sickle Cell: No Matter What Life Throws, Anything Is Possible

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Photography By: Felecia Causey I Lakeisha McClendon have Sickle Cell Anemia and I am here to tell my story. I was almost a year old, when my mother discovered I had Sickle Cell. It was very difficult as a child because you were not able to tell your parents what was really going on. Times were hard due to doctor appointments, hospital visits, or just dealing with the pain at home. As I got older, I started to understand more of my condition and I really watched my dad suffer from it until his death in 2001.
I started living for him and myself, by fighting back but at times Sickle Cell had me. They discover I have Scoliosis, so I go every two years to see an orthopedist to keep an eye on it. Had my gallbladder removed in my senior year of high school. I receive blood transfusions three times out of the year. My last hospital admit was in August of last year and I am hoping not to have any this year. The last crisis I had was three weeks ago where I could not even work. Our pain is not easy at all at times it comes to the point where we cannot walk or even stand.
The pain comes and goes as it pleases; I can be having fun one minute then the next the pain can just hit me hard. I mostly get the pain in my lower back but now that I am older it is pretty much all over. I pretty much take care of myself so that does cut down on their hospital visits. I am happy I can finally tell my side due to Sickle Cell because living with it has really drained me till the point where there are days I really want to give up. But 32 years later I am working on my third degree and trying to start my own family business letting everyone know no matter what life has thrown in your path anything is possible. Sickle cell do not have me I have sickle cell 

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