We Were Going To Fight To The End

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Photography By: Felecia Causey

My baby was born perfectly normal. I’ll never forget September 15, 2019, I received a phone call that my baby had experienced SIDS and died in her sleep. The EMTS worked on my baby for 20 minutes. MY BABY WAS DEAD FOR 20 WHOLE MINUTES! God allowed my baby to breathe again. But with her brain being without oxygen for that long my baby suffered very bad brain damage and had 3 strokes in the middle of her brain. She went to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham Alabama and they were bluntly honest with me saying my baby wasn’t going to live. US BEING PARENTS WE NOT HEARING THAT ! We kept faith and when they took my baby off life support ,SHE LIVED AND WAS BREATHING ON HER OWN. I know my baby brain was very sick but I didn’t care. Whatever my baby needed WHATEVER WE HAD TO DO WE WAS GOING TO DO IT ! I know she only could live and go through what she was going through for only so long, BUT AS LONG AS SHE WAS HERE WE WERE GOING TO FIGHT TO THE END,  and that’s what we did. God took her and all the pain away. Thank you all for your love. I wanted to give you all a little info about what we were going through. Her daddy, her sisters, and myself gave her SO MUCH LOVE. I know she at peace now. 


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