Author Alert: Interview With Grecia Smith

Friday, April 24, 2020

Thanks Grecia for the opportunity to have you on my blog!

Q: Please share with my readers a little about yourself.

A: I am a wife, mother of two children and 3 fur babies. My life has been interesting which many of you may read in my book. I say that because when asked about myself it's always a hard question to answer because there's so much about me.  I enjoy travelling and seeing new things, mainly meeting new people. I has a career in the social work field for close to 10 years but now my focus is writing and the spiritual business that my wife and I started last year. 

Q:Tell me what inspired you to start writing.

A: Because of Yesterday, was a book that I written based off things I personally went through. I knew I wanted to inspire others that have experienced or was experiencing similar situations that they aren't or weren't alone. My goal was to help others when I wrote the book, but when I finished , I realized I helped myself as well.  That book was such a healing experience and when other's share how my story helped them, I always smile and tell them, "this was our story".

Q: How long have you been writing?

A: For my tenth birthday I received a diary with a small combination lock and was told to write what I feel and since then, I have been writing. Because of Yesterday was my first published book, I've ever written, but most of what I wrote was poetry and still do on my author page.

Q: In your opinion what was the hardest part of writing your book.

A:The hardest part of writing the book was being vulnerable and writing from my heart. I had to step back and really understand my emotions, so that I was able to put them in words so that others could also read their personal emotions on paper. Meaning I didn't just want people to read what I felt but write in a way that when they read the words, it felt as if I was speaking directly to them saying "I get it"

Q: What advice would you give to an upcoming writer?

A: My advice to other writers is to write. Just write and when you are done writing publish your work.

Q: What are you hoping people gain from reading your books?

A: When people read my book, I am hoping they will understand a better sense of self. I hope that those that were hard on themselves learn to be patient. This book is meant to uplift, heal, and encourage. We all have a story to share and we are all still learning as well as writing our story. I hope that many can find some hope in my story being shared.

Q:  Do you have any new books coming out?

A: I am working on a book, but I have not set a timeframe in which it will be complete.

Q: How can your book be purchased?

A: You can find my book on as well as other online bookstores. My book also made it into some libraries across the states because I wanted to make sure that everyone had access.

Q: What upcoming project do you have coming, that you would like to share.

A:Currently my focus is an Etsy shop, Spiritual Awakening  Shop, my wife and I started last year where we make bracelets, candles, body oils, and more. I am also working on my 2nd book but have not placed a timeframe on the release.

Q: Please share your media pages for new fans that you would like to share.

A: Can find me at as well on Instagram and FacebookAuthor Grecia Chasteen.

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