Delayed Ceremony, But Not Denied Love

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Written By Felecia Causey Photography By: Felecia Causey Model: Jasmine Brown I know many brides had to postpone their special day due to quarantine. There are words, that the people around them try to convey the right ones to say, as the ladies deal with the heartbroken news that one of the most important days of their life, has to be cancelled or postponed.

Most of them have been planning their wedding for months, and some even years, but due to COVID 19 and social distancing it would be near impossible to have the day they always dreamed.

I am sure, the next few months will be challenging, with trying to reschedule with their vendors and making sure all of their out of town friends and family will be able to attend. Although times are unpredictable, what a couple should know is that their love for each other, during these trying times doesn’t stop.

If you know a bride that had to reschedule or postpone her big day, it may feel unreal and she’s probably sad.  After having everything paid for, and ready to allow people to witness her love for her groom.. However, the responsible thing to do was put the health of her loved ones and herself first.

I’m sure as her wedding date has passed or is quickly approaching, I’m sure it has been heart-wrenching. I’m sure the future brides are exhausted both emotionally and physically. My heart goes out to her. I am sure they have invested, so much energy, into trying to make it to the altar.  I’m sure in making this choice, she had compassion for both the elders of her family and her loved ones out of town.

Brides it’s okay to feel sad, confused, angry, and disappointed, you have invested so much hard work and sweat while trying to prepare your dream wedding. The emotions are valid. During this time, use it to see what you left or add. No matter what date your wedding will have to fall on, due to the COVID-19, but your day will be everything you ever dreamed of. I’m sure your loved ones around, don’t know the right words to say.  Remember this isn’t the end of your romantic story, it’s the beginning of a new chapter in your book.

Mom's and Bonus Mom's Letter to Their 2020 Senior

Dear Jadyn, 

Today and everyday I am so proud of the young man that you are becoming. You are intelligent funny, and you bring so much joy to my world.  You have had obstacles put in your way since day one and you have pushed through and exceeded all goals that were put in front of you. I know things are not as you hoped for or planned for your senior year, but I want you to know that you are "still blessed" When things get back close to normal you are going to have a graduation and we will celebrate all of your accomplishments. I want you to always try your very best and give everything your all. Remember Philippians  4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me". Always keep God first in your life and you will always go in the right direction. I love you with all my heart and I am so proud of you.

Love always,
Mommy Chenique


I remember the first time I met you, and to this very day your beautiful smile still lights up my heart. I have seen you grow up into a young man right before my eyes.  You have blessed me in so many ways just by being yourself. I am so proud of all you have accomplished in life so far. You are more than a conqueror.  I know your senior looks a little different that what you expected. In despite of that, I want you to always remember to trust God.  We can't always understand God's way or His plans.  We don't always like the way God does things. However, take heart because God is good, and He eventually works all things out for the good of those who love Him.  There is a purpose for all things that God allows. God does some of His greatest work during our most trying and difficult times.  Bad times don't always last.  There is a season for everything. When things don't look like you want them to, thank God anyway, and ask Him to show you His plans, and provide you wisdom and guidance during the situation. Ask God to show you the opportunity. With that being said, I look forward to seeing the great things God has planned  for your life, and what He is going to do within you and through you. You are amazing and created to do great things.  Never forget that Christ Jesus is your soul source of strength, you are loved, worthy, and valuable, created on purpose, and here for a purpose. Think positive thoughts no matter what you see, speak life giving words even when that's not what you feel, always pray, and read your Bible every single day

I Love You Always,
Love Shena

Mr. Dy'Juan Evans a senior graduate c/o 2020 from Dadeville High School I always dreamed, prayed,  and wondered if I would see the day that you walk across the stage receiving your high school diploma. That time came and went due to Covid-19. Your family loves you and wants you to keep your head high and still achieve every goal you have set for yourself. We are behind you all the way! congratulations and we love you "Class of 2020"!

Author Spotlight: Interview with Author Chasity Monet

Thanks Author Chasity Monet for being on my blog!

Me: Please share with my readers a little about yourself.

A: I'm Author C. Monet from Clarksville TN and I write spine-tingling juicy urban romance, contemporary romance and women fiction novels. I'm a mom of two, wife, business owner, lover of cupcakes, wine, and classic movies. My favorite thing is love. Love is always the description, caption and always relevant. 

Me : Tell me what inspired you to start writing.

A: The age thirty inspired me to start writing. I was approaching thirty and started getting really serious about finding a passion. I started praying, blogging and thinking about what it truly was that I loved to do. And although it didn't start out with the idea of writing novels, my love for helping others kind of kickstarted me to write my story which I knew would help others.

Me: How long have you been writing?

A: I've been writing since 2017. 

Me:  In your opinion what was the hardest part of writing your books.
A: I would have to say the hardest part about writing my books is showing love in different ways and making sure I'm staying fresh. 

Me: What advice would you give to an upcoming writer?

A: My advice to any new author would be to discover your WHY and WHO! Get a clear understanding of who your ideal reader is. 

Me: What are you hoping people gain from reading your books?

A: I hope people gain hope and understanding. Sometimes we go through life thinking we are all alone. I try to ensure there's something to relate to in my books. My own story is one of trial and then triumph. It's possible. 

Me:  Do you have any new books coming out? 

A: I just released 2 books at the beginning of this month. So right now I don't have anything completed. 

Me: How can your books be purchased?

A: My books are available in e-book form on Amazon but my paperbacks are available on my website. For both ebook and paperbacks here's the link

Me: What upcoming project do you have coming, that you would like to share.

A:I'm working on a collaboration and also working on a 3 book standalone series based around country music songs. I'm trying to give them a little spin. 

Me: Please share your media pages for new fans that you would like to share.

My Review: His Heart Your Love

This was a page turner. I love books that aloows me to feel the emotional the characters are feeling. I enjoy reading books that give hard life choices, like LaMia had. (I will not give away the story). However, the perfect example of love never fails.

Author Spotlight: Interview With Author Harleigh Rae

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Thanks Harleigh Rae for being on my blog.

Q: Please share with my readers a little about yourself.

A: Hi, I’m Harleigh Rae, author of the blackest love stories. I’m a east coast girl, born to hard working parents who always taught me to speak up, speak out and never back down. I’m lived majority of my teens and early twenties in the fast lane, so now I’m a pretty simple woman. Reading, watching a great romance movie or series and learning about wine are how I typically spend my time when I am not engrossed in writing a new book.

Q: Tell me what inspired you to start writing.

A:I grew up in one of America’s toughest cities. My parents weren’t the richest and vacation were few and far between. So, I found my escape between the pages of books. As a girl, I lived two blocks from the library, so I spent my free time their reading about all the imaginary places. My first job was on the same block ad a Barnes and Noble and I would take my lunch break and read a book cover-to-cover. Reading was the way I stayed out of trouble. It was how I learned to focused. And it was how I learned to cope with the stress of being a young, black girl in a world that ostracized me because of everything God decided to mix into the clay He molded me from. Books were my refuge and at the age oof ten, I decided I wanted to write to do for other readers, what my favorite authors did for me, create escapes for people who just need to take a break from reality and gain some encouragement for whatever they maybe be facing.

Q: How long have you been writing?

A: I started writing when I was ten. Mostly short stories. Being an independently published author has always been my goal, so I’ve slowly worked toward it since then. I was the senior editor for my middle school literary magazine, then photographer and copy writer for my high school’s yearbook for two years. Writing is just in mean and honesty, I can’t remember I time I didn’t write.

Q: In your opinion what was the hardest part of writing your books.

The hardest part of writing my books is making sure I stay true to my characters and don’t let my bias show through. I don’t agree with everything they do or say. Sometime their thought processes are a little outlandish to me, so trying to make sure they shine and not my ideals is hard.

Q: What advice would you give to an upcoming writer?

Stay true to you, your literary voice and what you want your books to stand for. If that means you have to publish independently, then do that, Never let anyone, no matter their longevity in the book industry, their popularity in the book industry or their influence. Your stories are yours. The second you start caring more about what everyone else thinks about your work than you care about what you want your work to stand for, and what you want readers to gain from reading your books, is the second you become a slave to the pen.

Q: What are you hoping people gain from reading your books?

A: With every book I write, my mission is the same and that’s to show black people that black love is real, black love is ours and black love always matters

Q: Do you have any new books coming out?

 A:Yes. A few days ago, I released a standalone short story titled "If You Were My Best Friend." Another short standalone will be releasing before the month's end titled "Coffee in the Noon."

Q. How can your books be purchased?

A: All my books are available in e-format and paperback on Amazon.

Q: What upcoming project do you have coming, that you would like to share.

A: I’m really excited about the final two books in the 'When We Were Flowers’ series. They’ll be coming April 30th and May 7th.This series was fun to write because it reminds me so much of the relationship I have with my own brother and sisters. There really is no bond like a sibling bond.  

Q: Please share your media pages for new fans that you would like to share.

I am very active on my Instagram and Twitter accounts. Also, I may be the only one, but I am also very active on my Apple Music profile. I love swapping music with my friends and discovering new-to-me artists through. Especially local and independent artists, who I would never know if I didn’t have friends from their state on my Apple Friend list. So, follow please, add me on all three if you have them. And if you don’t care for social media, my website and email list are always great places to connect with me.

My Review of Love After Loss
This book took me on an emotional rollercoaster. I enjoyed reading it. I am so excited to read more books from Harleigh Rae. I don't know where she has been hiding. I will not spoil the book because that's one of my pet peeves. This book teaches that love can be both ugly and beautiful. Grab a blanket and a glass of wine, because this book had me totally invested in the characters. 

A Grieving Mother: Losing A Son To Child Abuse

Monday, April 27, 2020

Hi, my name is Emery Armstrong. I am the mother of 2 year old Nehemiah Armstrong, who was murdered on November 9, 2017. my twin boys Nehemiah and Jeremiah Armstrong, where both injured in the incident. The injuries included but not limited to cracked ribs, a split liver, torn spine, and a severely damaged pancreas. My son Nehemiah cause of death has been determined as blunt force trauma to the head, neck, and torso. The surviving twin, Jeremiah is still ongoing physical and mental trauma from this. Since this incident I haven’t been the same. I’m so lost and confused on how life works now. I am trying to pick my face up off the ground while trying to fight for justice for my babies. It has been almost three years and no one has been arrested which hurts the most because I haven’t got any closer or answers. April is child abuse awareness month; for this month I plan to tell my son’s story to as many people that will listen and learn from it. Be aware and protect our babies. My family and I mourn the death of our Nehemiah every single day. May his soul continue to Rest In Peace. 


Author Alert: Interview With Grecia Smith

Friday, April 24, 2020

Thanks Grecia for the opportunity to have you on my blog!

Q: Please share with my readers a little about yourself.

A: I am a wife, mother of two children and 3 fur babies. My life has been interesting which many of you may read in my book. I say that because when asked about myself it's always a hard question to answer because there's so much about me.  I enjoy travelling and seeing new things, mainly meeting new people. I has a career in the social work field for close to 10 years but now my focus is writing and the spiritual business that my wife and I started last year. 

Q:Tell me what inspired you to start writing.

A: Because of Yesterday, was a book that I written based off things I personally went through. I knew I wanted to inspire others that have experienced or was experiencing similar situations that they aren't or weren't alone. My goal was to help others when I wrote the book, but when I finished , I realized I helped myself as well.  That book was such a healing experience and when other's share how my story helped them, I always smile and tell them, "this was our story".

Q: How long have you been writing?

A: For my tenth birthday I received a diary with a small combination lock and was told to write what I feel and since then, I have been writing. Because of Yesterday was my first published book, I've ever written, but most of what I wrote was poetry and still do on my author page.

Q: In your opinion what was the hardest part of writing your book.

A:The hardest part of writing the book was being vulnerable and writing from my heart. I had to step back and really understand my emotions, so that I was able to put them in words so that others could also read their personal emotions on paper. Meaning I didn't just want people to read what I felt but write in a way that when they read the words, it felt as if I was speaking directly to them saying "I get it"

Q: What advice would you give to an upcoming writer?

A: My advice to other writers is to write. Just write and when you are done writing publish your work.

Q: What are you hoping people gain from reading your books?

A: When people read my book, I am hoping they will understand a better sense of self. I hope that those that were hard on themselves learn to be patient. This book is meant to uplift, heal, and encourage. We all have a story to share and we are all still learning as well as writing our story. I hope that many can find some hope in my story being shared.

Q:  Do you have any new books coming out?

A: I am working on a book, but I have not set a timeframe in which it will be complete.

Q: How can your book be purchased?

A: You can find my book on as well as other online bookstores. My book also made it into some libraries across the states because I wanted to make sure that everyone had access.

Q: What upcoming project do you have coming, that you would like to share.

A:Currently my focus is an Etsy shop, Spiritual Awakening  Shop, my wife and I started last year where we make bracelets, candles, body oils, and more. I am also working on my 2nd book but have not placed a timeframe on the release.

Q: Please share your media pages for new fans that you would like to share.

A: Can find me at as well on Instagram and FacebookAuthor Grecia Chasteen.

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